Student survival guide

Coin and card operated machines

Coin Operated Launderette

  • Ensure you have the correct change for the machines
  • Put the money into the machines and start washing

Card Operated Launderette

  • Go to reception to get your Washstation laundry card
  • Click here top up your card or to register your card
  • Follow the instructions and enter your card number, you do need to include the dashes (-)
  • Once the card is registered it is now ready to be topped up
  • When value has been added to the card, you will receive a pincode (6 Digits)
  • Remember the pincode and take your card to the laundry room
  • Hold the card to the Pinmate machine and enter the pincode
  • Value has now been added to the card and you're ready to start washing

How to use the machines

Washing machines:

  • Load your clothes into the washing machine, filling the machine 3⁄4 of the way up the glass door.
  • Add laundry detergent straight into the drum – we recommend Purex 3 in 1 which can be bought from the soap vending machine in the launderette.
  • Close the door firmly shut
  • Insert coins or hold your Washstation card against the card reader on the machine.
  • Select the required cycle and press the start button.

Tumble Dryers:

  • Clean the lint from the inside of the dyer.
  • Load clothes into the tumble dryer
  • Insert coins or hold your Washstation card against the card reader on the machine.
  • Select the required cycle and press the start button.
  • Remove clothes promptly from the dryer to reduce ironing.


Machine Cycles Explained

  • Eco Wash - standard wash.
  • Superwash - adds an extra 6 minutes to the cycle - 4 minutes extra spin and 2 minutes extra rinse
  • Superwash Plus - adds an extra 12 minutes to the cycle - 8 minutes extra spin and 4 minutes extra rinse.
  • Perm press – eliminates creasing in your clothes at 40 degrees.

Washing Tips

  • Separate white and colours to avoid discolouration
  • Wash your jeans inside out to help prevent fading
  • Please do not put trainers in the tumble dryer as they melt the glue
  • Make sure you select the right cycle for your clothes
  • Always read care labels to protect your clothing

 Washing temperatures:

  • Whites - 60°c
  • Colours - 40°c
  • Brights - 40°c
  • Woollens - 30°c
  • Delicates - 30°c