Washstation, has been providing managed service laundry rooms throughout the UK since 2010. Our specialty is the provision of rooms for campus and co-living communities and we are all about bringing that room, and what it does, out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. 

Our Green Mission

Our Machines

We use machines which are highly recyclable, with an exceptional level of durability and resilience, and proven track records. We seek to work with machine manufacturers who invest purposefully in the advancement of machine technology which benefits the environment, particularly through greater consumption efficiency. We add to that our own machine technology which enables us to manage our machines remotely, making for lower CO2 emissions from our vans and less downtime for you. It’s a win/win!

Our Operations 

We are committed to the environment at every stage of our process and work hard to choose green suppliers, environmentally friendly ways of doing things, and doing all the small stuff that matters; like having a paperless office. Our advanced technology is a great feature of our services and we are always looking for ways in which we can work smarter and greener. Best of all, we believe that by looking after our machines properly before they go wrong, makes for a better laundry room for you.

Our Secret Ingredients

Our People

It’s cheesy, we know, but our people are our best asset. Working at Washstation isn’t a job; it’s about being a part of an extended family who care about each other and the users we serve. Our people are chosen because they embody the values which are really important to us, and each brings something great and unique to the party. We know we’re not perfect and we may get it wrong from time to time, however we’ll always do our utmost to put it right. That’s just how we roll.

Our Tech

We have a pioneering spirit when it comes to all things digital. In an age when you can access anything from a smartphone, we believe there is no reason why your laundry shouldn’t be on that list. All of our new laundry rooms are fully digital, and the good news is that we are working on retro-fit tech for our existing laundry rooms, to make sure our users don’t have to miss out. But the fun doesn’t stop there; we are actively developing technology that works on keyless access systems and beyond.

Katy Mitchell

Managing Director 

Ant Perkins

Head Engineer

Richard Smith

Head of Client Services

Below are new developments and updates on what is happening with Washstation across the UK.

Our Locations...

We are working hard on redefining campus and co-living laundries across the UK. 

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