NAYAX Contactless Payments

We have four NAYAX Contactless Payment options that might be use used in your local laundry room.  Please select the relevant option below for instructions on how to pay and use our machines.

NAYAX Contactless Payments


If you're at Loughborough, please view these NAYAX contactless payment and laundry instructions.

All other users please check the machine type in your laundry room. Use the photos below to help identify which machine you are using :

Alliance  Machines

Contactless payment and laundry instructions for Alliance machines

Alliance Machines - Alliance machines have black round dryer doors

Alliance machines have black round washer doors

Contactless payment and laundry instructions for Electrolux machines


Electrolux have chrome and blue machine fronts


Contactless payment  and laundry instructions for Maytag machines

Maytag machines have white round dryer doors

Maytag machines have white round dryer doors

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NAYAX Contactless Payments

Advice Tips and your Questions Answered


Frequently asked questions

Which contactless payment methods are accepted when paying for a cycle?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted displaying the Visa or Mastercard logo. We do not currently support payments made with American Express.

I paid for my cycle but it didn’t start. What can I do?

Please get in touch with our User Support Team for assistance on or call us on 0800 141 2331

What should I do if my payment fails, when attempting to start a cycle?

Please check that you have followed the instructions on the posters in the laundry room or on this page. Check that you have closed the machine door correctly. If you are still having problems please contact our User Support Team here or call 0800 141 2331

NAYAX Contactless Payments

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