The go-to Partners for Communal Laundries 

We are Washstation, and we are a leading supplier of laundrettes for communal living spaces in the UK.  We have over a decade of experience as a leader in wash care.  The smart bit about us is very simple, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to quality, sustainability and our people.

We understand today’s communal living spaces and the experiences that you want to create for your communities.  Your spaces shape how people live and our mission is to be a part of that by delivering the best in laundry technology, equipment and service to your customers. We offer commercial flexibility and the latest payment technologies.

Our focus is to always act as your trusted partner, doing our utmost to ensure that your wash care solution is successfully delivered with excellence. We do more than just manage laundries, we create positive partnerships.

Our Values

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assurance in our service and delivery 

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our customers and employees

are the heart of our business

Washstation Sustainability


investing in smarter greener solutions

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Our Green Mission

 thinking about the environment 


We’ve been installing high performance environmentally friendly machines for over a decade and we are committed to seeking out smarter, greener and cleaner solutions. At Washstation,  the high performance efficiency of our machines allows for longevity in all the fabrics you wash.  Our cashless payment systems  provide flexibility with intelligent technology.  We only use washers and dryers that are A++ rated for energy efficiency to minimise the requirement for electricity, but also for water.  


We are committed to thinking about the environment at every stage in the Washstation process.  We are invested in positive partnerships, from our selection of green suppliers, through to efficient logistics and in the dedication of a paperless work environment. We are technologically savvy and always looking at smarter and greener ways to efficiently operate as a business.