Here at Washstation, we are one of the largest operators of campus and co-living laundrettes in the UK and our aim is to be efficient, provide service of the highest quality and to maintain our agility even as we grow in size. We invest in the most energy efficient and reliable machines for your residents needs and we strive to provide your buildings with next generation laundry machines and innovative laundry spaces.

We understand the importance of our service being uninterr

upted, which is why we attempt to make this as close to a reality as possible through regular preventative maintenance visits. With the simplicity of contactless or App based payments, and a digital laundry system at our Head Office, allowing us to remotely control machines, help users, and identify specific maintenance needs, our students will experience a hassle-free laundry experience from start to finish. In the rare case that things don’t go quite right, one of our specialist engineers will be there to fix it in no time, and our user relations team will be on hand to ensure that we are building positive partnerships with our end-users.

We live in a world where convenience and flexibility are considered key, and at Washstation we don’t just understand this, but we consider it in everything that we do. We are forward focussed, and are always investing in reducing the carbon footprint that we as a business create. We are innovators, out of the box thinkers and caring individuals; all here to ensure that your residents can experience an effortless service from start to finish.

Here at Washstation, we have over a decade of experience as a leader in wash care. What is at the heart of our business in simple; it’s our end-users. We appreciate that we exist thanks to the loyalty of our clients and the custom of our end-users and we won’t forget that however large we grow. We are committed to quality and sustainability in everything that we do, and are always striving to improve on both. We are a fast-moving business, providing the latest and best in laundry technology, specialist Washstation engineers, and a highly dedicated team for both our clients and end users.

Our focus is of course to do our utmost to ensure that your wash care solution is successfully delivered with excellence and ease. However, this isn’t our only focus, as people are at our heart, we are constantly working on creating positive partnerships with clients and end-users alike.


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