Washstation Campaign Reaches a Successful Conclusion

The Washstation Campaign, led by Association President Jamie Rodney, has concluded with a successful agreement of a 40% discount for students to wash and dry their clothes.

This will allow students to bulk-buy 40 washes and dries for a total of £80.

The campaigners and Student Services have worked together to produce a “laundry loan” for students who cannot afford the upfront payment. This means that the loan can be paid back in instalments.

The St Andrews Students’ Association and campaigners have been lobbying Washstation Laundry this academic year regarding student complaints on the cost, quality, and payment system of the company.

Speaking of the update, Mr Rodney said, “I appreciate this is far from the most important thing going on right now, and I wish it had happened in better circumstances. But we shouldn’t lose sight of how significant this achievement is: almost eight months of hard work on this issue has taken us from a place where people regularly had to choose between food and hygiene, to getting St Andrews students the cheapest laundry in the UK.”

“We’ll have more details forthcoming about how students can claim their laundry loan, and about how the system will work in practice, but for now, this long, bizarre campaign has reached a successful end.”

Katie Mitchell, Managing Director at Washstation noted her excitement for the new agreement.

Miss Mitchell said, “The entire team at Washstation is excited by the arrival of a new era at St Andrews – starting with the delivery of a new pricing scheme for students in September this year, and the improvement of the laundry capacity at John Burnet Hall.”

She continued, “Since taking over the Washstation business last year, our team has been committed to building a much better relationship with the students at St Andrews, and addressing their concerns about many issues, especially affordability. It is a great pleasure for all of us to now deliver both of these schemes which will directly impact and benefit students.”

“It is also a reflection of what good communication and teamwork can achieve, and this would not have been possible without the tenacity of the outgoing president of the Students Association, the support of the absolutely brilliant team at the University, and the passion for change shared within our own team.”

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