St Andrew's Laundry Membership Card

Your St Andrew’s Laundry Membership card entitles you to 40 washes and 40 dries at your St Andrew’s laundry room.


Once you have completed the payment for your Laundry Membership, you will receive an email purchase confirmation from us which you will need to keep and show at reception of your Halls of Residence.


Upon providing proof of your purchase (including details of Hall of Residence, Room Number and Student ID) you will be able to  collect and start using your Pre-paid Laundry Membership card. 


Your Laundry Card will be preloaded with the correct value to provide you with the 40 washes and 40 dries, and remains valid until such time as you have used those preloaded credits.


St Andrew’s Laundry Membership cards can only be collected from your reception in your Halls of Residence with your proof of purchase.


On receiving your membership card please remember to register it by creating an account at this will help us to help you if your card gets lost or damaged.

If you experience any difficulty in completing your purchase please contact our User Support Team at or call us on 0800 1412331

St Andrew's Laundry Membership Card